Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Format Painter in GDocs Spreadsheets!!

This will be a joyous moment for many.  Have a look, just below "Insert" and to the right of the cloud clipboard:

This certainly wasn't a game breaker for me, but I think it was for many.

I checked for it in the old Docs version and the new Docs version.  Nothing doing . . . yet!  Maybe coming to a Doc near you (soon)?

Sound off!  For you non Google Docs users, how does this change your perception?


Brandon Brooks said...

I read about this on Google's blog. This isn't really a game changer for me either, but I can see how handy it can be.

Daniel said...

Are you talking about this Google's blog?

Yes, definitely helpful as a shortcut.

I really do hope they implement the keyboard shortcut functionality (I'm a junkie) I talk about in the comments, in the link above.

Not sure said...

I totally agree, who do they think we are, game changers! Actually I don't know what I'm talking about but I wanted to say something. <3!

Anonymous said...

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