Friday, November 27, 2009

Cracker Barrel

Our daughter says it all on this one.

Okay, except for the biscuits, you can't top biscuits.

CHROME OS: Imagine a world with my nth love.

This post will likely start the F-Word raving and for good reason.

For the past so many days, I can't get Google's forthcoming operating system out of my brain waves.

It will have no local applications. NONE.

Why on earth would I subscribe to such a spartan monstrosity whose sole aim is to galvanize my letharghy, wash my brains out, and fill them with ads?

Speed, simplicity, and security.

Imagine a world where your computer would boot up in 7, count them, 7 seconds and you could be online, zooming away in just three more.

Imagine a world where your system resources aren't bogged down by SVCHost or who knows what other meaningless background processes.

Imagine a world where you don't have to worry about throwing the computer at the wall because Vista told you for the thirtieth time that you don't have permission to access files on your own computer.

Imagine a world where you don't have to update, monitor updates, check Windows update, or even run virus scans or spyware, not to mention random utilities like disk defragmenter.

Imagine a world where you don't have to worry about losing your data through a system crash or a good ole fashioned mugging.

Imagine a world where you can access your data, the same data, where ever you have an internet connection.

Finally, imagine a world where your OS is so self-reliant, that if it ever gets corrupted, etc., it will automatically re-download and fix itself.

It might sound Orwellian, but imagine a world with Chrome (OS).

If you'll excuse the inherent and outrageous blashpemy, this scripture comes to mind:

Cool Iris in Chrome

If you're like the CA, you love Chrome and you love searching Google Images.

Unfortunately, Google Images is pretty spartan when it comes to picture count on a page.

To fix this problem, install the Cool Iris extension. It lets you display scores of pictures all at once and you can scroll through hundreds/thousands by simply dragging the screen to the right.

Here's where you can get the extension:

Please note that you'll need to be running either the beta or developer builds of Chrome: (Look under "Subscribing to a channel")

Finally, if you'd like a super cool search-from-your-omnibox in Cool Iris search engine, right click in your Chrome omnibox (address bar)>edit search engines>add.

Next, choose a name and shortcut of your choosing (e.g., I use ci for Cool Iris).

Then paste the following into the URL box:

This way, whenever you want to search Cool Iris, you can just go to your omnibox, type in your shortcut (again, mine is ci, for exampe), hit tab, and you can search Cool Iris straight from your Chrome omnibox.

Please hold your applause. I accept cash, checks, credit cards, and pay pal. Whichever you prefer.

Mr. Potter goes Trunk-or-Treating

Now what you've truly been waiting for, some pictures not necessarily of Yours Truly.

Way back in October, Ginny, Lily, and I went to our ward's trunk-or-treat.

Ginny is a little OCD about projects and so she put together the most impressive trunk-or-treat trunk I have ever seen.

Apparently, the judges thought the same thing because our trunk won first prize!

Yes, I've had to bury my head in the sand on this one since it would seemingly be some kind of "man project" (to win glory, fame, and honor for his family).

Thankfully, Ginny doesn't gloat as much as Malfoy used to.

F-Word, eat your heart out.


Speaking of words, yen is not only a form of Japanese currency, it also means to pine for something.

Maybe it's a yearning to spend money?

I love those ducks/geese/birds/whatever, by the way.


Yet another post I've been meaning to do for a while.

Like the geek that I am, I subscribe to a nifty word of the day feed.

This was on it one day.

Excessive and often incoherent talkativeness or wordiness.

I don't mean anything by this picture, it's actually just what came to mind.

However, "talking heads" do seem to have a bit of logorrhea, come to think of it . . .

Locked Out

I won't give you all the details on this one, but I'll just say that a while back, my wife, our daughter, and I were locked out of our apartment for a substantial period of time.

Locksmiths were called, hair was pulled out, and lives were changed. Maybe I'll write a Conference talk about it one day . . .

Too bad our apartment isn't closer to the ground or maybe I could have pulled a stunt like that seen in the picture on the left.

Downloadable Videos: Too Cool for School

Anyone who knows me from Adam will corroborate the submission that I am loathe to praise the ivory kingdom of Steve Jobs.

However, let me just say that while RedBox ($1 movies) is nice, being able to sit on my pants, click a button, and have a movie playing for a slight markup (yes, I know that $3 is three times $1) is joyous.

I'm also an enthusiast for renting in general. There are few movies that I want to watch every other day, so being able to pay a few GW's every time we want to watch a descent flick (which isn't all that often to begin with) is no sweat off my back, especially considering we'd have to rent the movie like four times to equal the purchase price of a DVD.

Some movies are good, but most are not four-times-in-the-same year good.

Here's to the man in the black turtle neck and jeans for making it easy on me (even if I'm loathe to admit it).

BYU beats Oklahoma??

I've been meaning to post on this one for a long time.

Of course, I couldn't watch the game (or, rather, I hadn't figured out how to tap into my school's VPN yet) . . .

Anyway, just because a lot of people often hold BYU football out to be the Boise State of the Mountain West (good record, no real opponents), I had to post on this one.

Too bad they had to get pummeled by the Florida State criminals and rebeat (as in beat down) by the Horned Frogs. At least TCU seems like a legitimate contender.

Ah well, if my research is correct, BYU hasn't gone undefeated since, you guessed it . . . 1984.

Maybe in another quarter of a century we'll pull it out again off again.