Friday, November 27, 2009

Cool Iris in Chrome

If you're like the CA, you love Chrome and you love searching Google Images.

Unfortunately, Google Images is pretty spartan when it comes to picture count on a page.

To fix this problem, install the Cool Iris extension. It lets you display scores of pictures all at once and you can scroll through hundreds/thousands by simply dragging the screen to the right.

Here's where you can get the extension:

Please note that you'll need to be running either the beta or developer builds of Chrome: (Look under "Subscribing to a channel")

Finally, if you'd like a super cool search-from-your-omnibox in Cool Iris search engine, right click in your Chrome omnibox (address bar)>edit search engines>add.

Next, choose a name and shortcut of your choosing (e.g., I use ci for Cool Iris).

Then paste the following into the URL box:

This way, whenever you want to search Cool Iris, you can just go to your omnibox, type in your shortcut (again, mine is ci, for exampe), hit tab, and you can search Cool Iris straight from your Chrome omnibox.

Please hold your applause. I accept cash, checks, credit cards, and pay pal. Whichever you prefer.


Christy said...

Honestly, you should work for Google or something along those lines. However we may never see you again i you do. :)

Mary said...

You are simply AMAZING!
I cannot at this juncture in my life and brain capacity understand all this...but I hope in the future to be able to!!!

Você é um parecido por ele!

Eu contino a orá para você!

sua mãe em brasil