Monday, January 30, 2012


Well keyboard shortcut lovers, I often grumbled to myself about why Gmail lacked a keyboard shortcut (unlike Docs) for creating a hyperlink.


Ctrl + k = create a hyperlink in Gmail

As this lovely keyboard shortcut was new to me, I assumed it was part of the new look Gmail.  Take heart, ye traditionalists, ctrl + k works in the "old" Gmail, as well.

May all your hyperlinks be brighter and faster with ctrl + k.


Yesterday's Spiritual Message: The Temple - A Beacon

I hope you enjoy this message from President Monson on temples.

For more about temples, see

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Saving Gobs of Money in Textbook Purchases: -- the ULTIMATE Textbook Deal Finder

I think many of you will agree with this statement:  A textbook (or, for me, a casebook) is a textbook is a textbook.

Sometime in the past year or two, I discovered what I consider the ultimate student's tool to finding low-cost textbooks:

Who knew acquiring textbooks could be so painless, both in terms of time spent researching and money spent purchasing?
The site provides a meta search of countless textbook providers, sortable by total price (my personal favorite), merchant, condition, book price, or shipping cost.  There's even a direct link to the merchant's webpage where the book is offered.

I'm ashamed I just recently thought to post about this remarkable tool, seeing as I'm already wrapping up my third and final year of law school . . .  For those of you still braving the east wind of textbook expenditures, may this offering provide you peace of mind, fatness of wallet, and a refuge from the storm.

I <3 and the free, open market.  GO CAPITALISM!!

(Oh, and if you're curious just how much you could save on a given purchase, determine the UPC code for the book, click on "Look Up" (found under Actions:), enter the UPC code, and compare the various results.  I'm confident you'll be very happy with the cost separation.)

Friday, January 20, 2012

Eating Crow and Liking (er, +1ing) the New Gmail

Gasp!  Yes, CA readers, it's true:  About last Friday or so, I decided I would take the new Gmail challenge and dive into the new interface.  In other words, I decided to use the new look for at least a day or two to decide whether I would really get used to it, as I had heard others report they did.

As a former critic of the new appearance, let me say I now strongly prefer it to the old look.  DOUBLE GASP!!  Ironically, one of my biggest hangups became, perhaps, my favorite feature:  The minimalism.

In the new-look Gmail, t's all about the emails, peepers.
That's right, kids, the new interface cuts straight to the email.  Some complain there's too much white space.  I'll tell you what, click on the big gear and select Compact -- that will display plenty of emails.  On the other hand, I really like the "Cozy" density and cringe to think of the stress on my eyes, reverting back to compact-style.

And, talking of white space, here's a further irony:  Getting rid of many "buttons and knobs" (thank you, Arthur Weasley), I feel more comfortable and focused on my email.

In short, when I went back to take a peek at the old Gmail, my eyes felt strained, and I felt stranded in a cluttered garage.

Yes, the old look's more traditional and has less "white space," yet, consider its comparative clutter.
Ahhh.  Now my eyes focus on the email (because, seriously, why would I want to focus on my chat search box, etc.?)
I'll be candid in saying I feel hesitant about the degree of transparency on some themes, like Turf.  Yet, maybe that's just me or, like my conversion experience, simply an initial, gut reaction.

I imagine some might like less turf behind their email.
At the end of the day, users still must opt-in to use the new-look Gmail, and this after about two or three months out of the gate . . .  I'm unsure what the hold up is.  On the other hand, I definitely suggest giving the new look a shot for a couple days and then comparing/contrasting.  I definitely think old habits can die hard, especially in Gmail land (see the comments and be warned of some potty mouths).  So, take a chance, and if you also decide to make the switch, I hope your diet will be crow free, unlike mine.  Provecho!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Today's Spiritual Message: Power of God

Today's spiritual message centers on the priesthood and follows the life of a young man at around age 12 (when he receives the priesthood) up until shortly before his death.  I'm very impressed with the message and the cinematography (3D images?).