Monday, January 11, 2010

Soiling the wound . . . (the joys of parenting and law school continue)

First of all, I have to give my lovely wife credit for the above title, as she says (after reminding me how she once yelled "eat nanas!" as toddler), "this is [her] area" (and first joke).

Second, I want to thank my concerned mother-in-law for jinxing me. Earlier today in an email, she kindly wished me the good fortune that our daughter wouldn't throw up on me today. For the record, she hasn't, but I think this makes like three out of the past four nights that she has either unloaded the kitchen sink or trash can all over Yours Truly (twice on the same shirt! [it had been washed prior to tonight . . . maybe I shouldn't wear it for a while]).

Finally, I'm still awaiting 3/5 of my law school grades which I naively thought would "magically" show up today, seeing as it's the "deadline" for professors to turn in fall grades (it's like waiting for the LSAT all over again!). Someone stop the madness! Ah well, I guess these are the woes of a first-year law student.

Anyway, with a particularly aromatic weekend and fresh start to a new semester, the only thing that still seems stale are my non-existent grades.

Oh, brave new world!


(I warned you.)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

It's the Holiday Season! (well, at least it was)

As usual, pictures tell the story much better than I could.

So here is our experience in Seattle, Christmas Eve at the Space Needle, Leavenworth (3rd anniversary), and so forth.

The number of pictures is plenteous, so I strongly recommend you zoom through them, but do make sure you get a full view of our daughter/grandma keys/towel in the mouth shot, I can't recommend that one enough.


Friday, January 8, 2010

The Joys of Parenting: Our Daughter's Welcome Home

You can laugh, I won't be offended.

For those of you glimpsing children on the near or distant horizon, put on a straight face, you're next!