Sunday, January 10, 2010

It's the Holiday Season! (well, at least it was)

As usual, pictures tell the story much better than I could.

So here is our experience in Seattle, Christmas Eve at the Space Needle, Leavenworth (3rd anniversary), and so forth.

The number of pictures is plenteous, so I strongly recommend you zoom through them, but do make sure you get a full view of our daughter/grandma keys/towel in the mouth shot, I can't recommend that one enough.



Pam said...

Great pictures!! What a fun way to relive the holiday! There are some really fun pictures of Maria. (I think I look a little dangerous in that one shot!) I will revisit this site many times. Missing you all!

Steph said...

That looks like an awesome trip! I love all the pictures. Maria is so cute!