Friday, July 16, 2010

BYU Old Spice

First off all, thanks to STM for bringing this awesome video to my attention:

For the budget they have, I'd almost have to say this is better than the original (but Im not biased or anything).

Do they really have a snack zone now?

Did they get the idea on this from my sister-in-law's fĂ­ance?

Finally, is the subtle message in this video that students should watch less YouTube and study more?


Fletch said...

Fantastic!!! I'll have to post it on my blog as well for my local crew.

Pam said...

Hmmmm....I would definitely say that this is a clear cut case of the plagiarism of a plagiarism! But they did a great job of it!
Thanks for sharing. :)

Ryan said...

I love this video! I love this guy's acting. This is by far the best video of them all.

Christy said...

My sister is such a trend setter. ;)

CCF and JRF said...

We have been obsessed with the old spice ones. Good imitation. But, did he say liBERRY and SAMich?

Cougar Abogado said...

It's possible, but it sounds right to me.