Friday, July 1, 2011

A Couple Chrome Tips: Open Multiple Bookmarks and Select Multiple Tabs

First of all, I imagine someone like Alex, Dinu, Daniel, or Nigel has already posted on these tips.  With that said, the other day, while I was reading my morning scriptures, I came across a few tricks I had either forgotten, never realized, or simply never read about:

Open multiple bookmarks.  Just about every morning, I have three pages I want to open up, and I can get annoyed with having to find the URLs or even with clicking on them in my most visited section.  For some reason, I had it finally click in for me that I could simply bookmark the three pages and then, perhaps, open them all at once.  It's possible.  Here's how.

I'd show you the right-click action with its accompanying menu . . . alas, Chrome OS forbids me.  Nooooo!! the naysayers were right, it can't do everything!!!
1. First of all, save your three bookmarks (or however many) into one folder.
2. Next, either place that folder on the bookmarks bar or find it via the "Other bookmarks" folder.
3. Finally, right click the folder and then choose whether to open all of them in the current window, a new window, or an incognito window.

For some reason, opening the bookmarks in the same window leaves the current tab in its current state, in addition to the newly minted tabs.  E.g., if I open the three bookmarks from my specified folder from the new tab page, I'll now have four tabs:  My three bookmarks, along with the new tab page (still open).  I suppose it is a struggle to try and win 'em all . . .

Select multiple tabs.  I'm unsure why I thought to try this one.  Sometimes, you might want to close/move/etc. multiple tabs that are not adjacent to one another.  Well, we can achieve this dearest wish of our heart by simply pressing the ctrl key, while clicking on the targeted tabs.  That's it.  Now we can move them wherever we want (within boundaries, of course, people, be reasonable), close them, pin them, etc.  Pretty straightforward.

Can you see how the three top-right tabs are selected?
As the emperor in Amadeus would say, "Well, there i'tis."  Translation:  That's it.

"And now," as Dumbledore would likely declare, "it really is time for bed."


Matthew Warren said...

Yes. Thanks for your post. I have wondering how to save these extra clicks for awhile.

john alex said...

nice write up. How to remove Chrome Bookmarks bar.