Sunday, January 15, 2012

Today's Spiritual Message: Power of God

Today's spiritual message centers on the priesthood and follows the life of a young man at around age 12 (when he receives the priesthood) up until shortly before his death.  I'm very impressed with the message and the cinematography (3D images?).


m.fletch said...

How this video clip touches my heart particularly after witnessing my 1st grandson ordained to the Aaronic priesthood, just yesterday, 1/15/12. It is interesting that you found this clip so soon on the 'tail' of the very spiritual meeting and setting apart of young Fletcher Madsen. I liked the way they showed the course of this young man's life. I have to agree that it did seem to me in many parts to almost be in 3D! WOW! Thanks for making me aware and sharing.

Kimberly Moore said...

Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed it a lot. Yeah I noticed that too.

Christy said...

Very Cool. I'd be curious to know what the steps were to create this movie.