Saturday, March 17, 2012

Is there a "line-item" +1?

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A number of US presidents have requested "line-item" veto powers, enabling them to approve most of bill, while rejecting any specific portions they dislike.

In judicial opinions involving multiple judges, they have the option to agree completely, disagree completely, agree in part, agree with the reasoning yet reach a different conclusion, agree with the conclusion for a different reason, and more.

What about the ability to +1 a specific word, sentence, paragraph, etc. only?

I guess the ! mark is what would happen if I tried to +1 only a specific portion of something . . .

I often would like to +1 certain parts of a post, web page, and so forth, yet would prefer to avoid giving a +1 for all of it.

How many non-legal people out there (I'm in law school) would like to see this same functionality, or does everyone recommend I keep my legal ramblings to myself? (See! Maybe you'd like to +1 only the last clause of the preceding sentence and reject the rest!!)

P.S. I guess the +1 image from above is now actually this:

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