Saturday, September 1, 2012

I shook Mitt Romney's hand, today: He's real

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Yes, it's true.  (Although, I confess he could have been a governator-style nanomorph sent back by Skynet.)  I was impressed with how authentic and genuine he was, in contrast with what many pundits contend.

I enjoyed this pleasure because my family and I were fortunate enough to attend a Romney rally, this morning, in Cincinnati, thanks to a head's up from some friends of ours.  The attendance was so high, we were diverted into an overflow room in the basement of the museum (formerly a train station).  Over 3,000 attended.  Our daughter was puzzled what happened to her favorite haunt.  I imagine she must have felt like Cedric Diggery when he saw the Quidditch pitch turned into a Tri-Wizard tournament maze:  What 'ave they done to it!  She'll understand, some day.  :)

It was Mitt's first political stop, since being nominated at the convention.  (He made his first anything stop after the convention to visit the hurricane Isaac victims, who are still awaiting any visit from the current President . . .)  W00t, Cincinnati!

Mitt said something like our basement audience was the most enthusiastic overflow crowd he'd ever seen.  I assume we were at least up there!

I love what his wife Ann said about winning Ohio:  If each supporter can find only one discouraged friend who voted for President Obama in 2008, and have that friend vote for Mitt in 2008, we will win Ohio.

For the sake of our country, I hope you'll join me in making that effort.  Moreover, please be sure to support Josh Mandel for OH senate and Republicans everywhere!


Casey Deans said...

Too cool! The more I learn about Mitt, the more I like. I'm grateful that I get to witness history in the making and I'm jealous that you got to shake his hand.

Cougar Abogado said...

Nice. I agree (depending on where I read).

Thanks for commenting and please help me do what we can to see the history made!