Thursday, August 14, 2008


For all of you "lesser mortals" out there, the painting on the left is depicting a quintessential scene between the protagonist Raskolnikov, of Dostoevsky's classic Crime and Punishment, and another bloke (Marmeladov), presumably as the former tells him about something baaad that he's done (read the novel to find out what!). I know, the knowledge just seeping from this page is absolutely astounding!

So thus begins the posting of some of my random Civ 202 doings (much to Kalvin's delight). Thankfully (for me), the class is over but sadly (for you), that means that the number of exceptionally exquisite posts related to it will certainly be limited (not endless).

I'll begin either by posting some of the word doc.s of my shining papers (I know, you all can't wait!) or just by using good old fashioned Ctrl+C & Ctrl+V.

"[So] put on your patchy-stained jacket and gather 'round the fire in the trash can, homeless romantic, because the Rub [Doctor] is here to help!" Before you can understand any of my mindless madness, you have to at least experience one Strong Bad email (the one that I lifted the quote from): Make sure that you do a little Ctrl+"+" action to make the cartoon bigger.

And as always, "PROVECHO!"

(By the way, Scalois, the picture on the right is NOT a self-portrait, in case you were mulling the question.)

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