Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Google Launches Chrome Web Store, Shows Off Chrome OS/Chromebook, Cougar Abogado Grovels


Cr-48 Chrome hardware pilot program: 'Not for the faint of heart'

Today, while I soaked up some rays studying for Federal Income Tax (please, contain your excitement), Google launched its Web Store and gave an update on its forthcoming OS and a taster of the bad boy shown above.

As it turns out, Google is actually going to give away a number of these notebooks to crazy online dwellers like myself (hopefully!), daring and brave enough to test out the new OS, by putting it through its paces.  Pick me!  Pick me!!  OH PLEASE, PICK ME!!!

Okay, while I stop foaming at the mouth, please enjoy these videos on web apps and Chrome OS.

I've actually taken a peak at the Web Store and was pretty impressed with what I saw:  Toddler Jukebox (an app for playing kids songs, is the #1 paid app!!).  I also gave WGT Golf Challenge a swing and came away quite impressed with the graphics.
WGT Golf Challenge
To give one gripe, before I sign off, I'm pretty bummed out that app tabs appear to have lost (at last for the moment) the fabled features I once thought they would present.  See my comments here, for more.

App tabs - in the top left corner
On a somewhat ironic note, running the latest Chrome canary build, 10.0.603.3, this post died twice, so I resorted to using Firefox 4b7, so I could actually create this post, it's that important to me . . .  HINT, HINT, Chrome team!!

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