Friday, December 3, 2010

Modern Computing Set to Enter The Matrix (as in the movie)

Okay, every now and again, I read an article about future technologies, and I get pretty stoked.  I remember first reading about USB 3.0, Google's 100Gb internet project, Chrome OS :), and others.

I can legitimately say I often feel like computer technology will move a lot faster than we expect.  Well, over the past couple days, I've seen some more evidence for that belief.

If you want to understand where I'm coming from, here, READ THE TWO ARTICLES I LIST, BELOW.  I'M TELLING YOU, THEY MAY TAKE 15-20 MINUTES TO READ, TOTAL, AND YOUR BRAIN WILL BE LEAPING OUT OF YOUR SKULL.  (Or at least I imagine you're going to be blown away.)  (I apologize, in advance, for a couple innuendos in the second article I was offended by.)

IBM chips: Let there be light signals
When I read the following article by Stephen Shankland at CNET (clicking on the image above will also take you there), my eyebrows raised:;1n

When I read the following article by Jason Perlow at ZDnet (also in the image, below), my eyebrows fell off.  Seriously:;content

Exaflop computing: Moore's Law isn't dead, It's Moved to Warp Speed
My understanding is basically that this new technology will be like putting fiber optics on CPUs and making things crazy fast.  In the interest of time, here is one excerpt from the ZDnet article:
Eventually, perhaps by the year 2020 or even sooner, nanophotonic supercomputers will exist that approach the Exaflop range in terms of performance . . . .
So with Exaflop-level supercomputing and enterprise computing, or even Petaflop-level consumer computing, just what exactly can you do with all of that processing power?
Well, with Exaflop/s, you can do the sort of things that take current supercomputers weeks or years to do in only minutes or days. It would allow the average citizen to gene sequence their babies the moment they are born to anticipate future diseases for an entire lifetime, or sequence their own DNA and apply corrective action as needed, such as synthesize custom medications.
It would allow for the  real-time simulation of complex systems such as world weather and allow for meteorological science to advance at a level approaching magic or witchcraft  — the ability to accurately model how destructive storms such as tornadoes and hurricanes actually work and form, and accurately predict how they will behave.
WHOA.  Levels approaching magic or witchcraft?  I'm reminded of some scenery from the book of Revelation here, "And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?"  (Revelation 13: 4)

I take great comfort in remembering that the Savior has all power, and He will come to cleanse the earth, maybe sooner than we realize.
I used to think that all those things about the beast, etc. having a lot of power would be someone using old-school witch-craft.  I'm now betting it will be super-computing witchcraft.  And if we already worship ourselves (think the Internet, Facebook, Twitter) now, think about how much more that will intensify in under a decade!

I'm feeling blown out of my socks right now.  I'm very apprehensive about what man could negatively do with this massive technological breakthrough.  On the other hand, I'm even more awed to get a minute taste of how much power the Savior Jesus Christ has and remember that He is in control.  Phew!

Okay, now back to earth, class, and finishing my Corporate Finance paper on golden parachutes . . .

(Oh, and happy 375th post to me.  Maybe I'm entering warp speed, myself?)


Fletch said...

Tech usually is a double-edged sword. It can do amazing things for the Lord - Geneology in this case. And it could do horrible things for satan. I figure this sort of thing is just a tool in the hands of the Lord to bring about his purposes.

Rooster said...

Caught this from Fletch's recent post. I think it would be convenient to have a network of video camera's around the world that anyone could dial into to see any video feed of any location....Creepy Awesome! Would save me a boat load on my appraisal travel expenses!