Wednesday, June 22, 2011

HAPPY 450th POST!!! Picasa Icon Viewing Tip

Yes, CA faithful, it's time for a long-lost computing tip from the CA.

Screen shot 2011-06-22 at 10.35.31 PM.png

Do you use Picasa as your default picture viewer?  Well, I do.  This has nice little benefits like a fun slideshow effect, when viewing images from my file folder.  What's the downside I've grumbled to myself about for the past few years?  Image icons are displayed as a flippin brown hill with trees on it!!

Seriously, what's with the hill/trees graphic (rather than an actual preview of the images)?
Finally, the other day, I put my grumbling to rest and got out my search hat.  Ironically enough, I found the answer in about 10 seconds.

So here's the low down on how to fix this annoyance on a Windows machine:

Open your folder window and click on Tools>Folder options (as shown below)

Next, click on the view tab, as follows:  View>Always show icons, never thumbnails

You'll want to make sure the "Always show icons, never thumbnails box is unchecked (as shown below)

Finally, choose your image size (small, medium, large, JUMBO-large, etc.):

I recommend large or extra large, especially if the folder is a pictures folder (you can always change the display size, whenever you want)

VOILA!!  Now, I can finally see what picture "IMG_2948" actually is, absent opening it up in Picasa.

Ah, now visible memories.
For those of you who ever upload screenshots (or, frankly, any pictures at all), I imagine you'll really enjoy this change, if you're a Picasa user who's been agonizing over this wonkiness.

Please hit me with any questions or comments in the, well, comments section.


Christy said...

Cool, now I hope that I can actually start uploading albums. I wonder what Picasa's problem is right now

Cougar Abogado said...