Monday, October 10, 2011

New Feature(s) Coming to Google Docs?

Okay, now that I'm fresh off some conspiracy theory reading from the F-Word, I want to do some hypothesizing of my own:  Something new might be coming to Google Docs, involving Google+.

How do I know, you ask?  Well, have a look.

In Docs, Drawings, and Spreadsheets, the notification count and share button are each conspicuously absent.  I checked this across three machines (HP, iMac, and chromebook), three OSes (Windows 7, Snow Leopard, and Chrome OS), three Chrome versions (canary, mac dev, and cros dev), and three separate Google accounts.  All three show the same behavior in docs, at least -- I have yet to check the others on all three and will let any adventuresome reader take up the call.

Is this a bug or something bigger?  I hope the latter.

What do I prognosticate?  In the absence of a bug, I assume this will be something like Google Maps rolled out, where we click on the share button to share the doc, drawing, or spreadsheet we're currently working on with our friends/circles.

What do you think?  Bug, feature, or conspiracy theory?  (I'll leave the Illuminati out of this one; I've already got enough to worry about, now that I know the truth about DIA.)


Christy said...

It's conspiracy day on the Michael Medved show! Hey, you could call into him and mention this post. ;)

Cougar Abogado said...

Trouble is, I'm unsure what the conspiracy is . . .