Wednesday, October 5, 2011

(Very) Basic Image Editor Lands in Chrome OS 0.16.1122.0

Some of us wanted it (at least I did) and the Chrome OS team supplied it:  A basic image editor.  Sadly, for me, it's one feature short of the main feature I cared about:  Blur/smudge.  Ah, well, at least it has crop.

Really, though, is this some secret plot for me to keep using Picnik, even though I much prefer image editors like Awesome Screenshot or Aviary Image Editor?  Sigh.

Also new in this build:  The Wi-Fi icon now has lines on it to more clearly delineate current signal strength, I assume (I actually suggested this a while back and am less thrilled with it, in practice); the plus tab button is now an inchoate + button . . . once I hover my mouse over the empty diamond, the + comes to life!  I can appreciate the hip GUI-ness of it, and I can also see some folks (especially those over 50) scratching their heads about where the plus tab button is.

This is the extent of what I, and at least WReithmeyer, have noticed that I consider worth mentioning.

What hidden goodies have you guys noticed that you'd like to add to the pile of fun? 

Click the Gallery button and . . . 
Now we can auto-fix, crop, brighten, rotate, or undo to our heart's content (or upload to Picasa, via Share button).
Maybe blur/smudge will arrive by Christmas -- sorry, Winter Solstace.
P.S.  Gotta love getting the green, your-update-is-ready icon (especially for an OCD update freak, like myself).

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