Thursday, December 1, 2011

How to get the new Google bar (early)

Cross-posted from my Google+ account.

For everyone who shares my Google nerdery. (Note: Deleting my cache and cookies was insufficient for me; I had to enter the proffered code.)

The trick is to enter some code into your browser's JavaScript's console, as described on Google Operating System.

Thanks to Alex Chitu for the screenshot and instructions.
What are your initial reactions? I like the streamlining. The menu rollover's more time consuming for me than I hoped. I think I agree with many comments I've seen about Google bar's size . . . maybe it will go on a diet, soon. Finally, I assumed the top-right section of the bar would dangle more Google+ bait for the non-initiated:  Maybe Google's content with the Sign in button, coupled with +You being the first option on the new (and automatically displayed on rollover/drop-down menu.

I was expecting to see + baiting like, "Ready for some real sharing?  Try Google+!"  Maybe Google's trying a less-aggressive approach.  Maybe the aggression lies in a Google bar that's about three times bigger than the black bar.
For comparison:  The now-old black bar, before taking size-enlarging steroids.


Christy said...

I think that the thing that I will forever remember about the google bar is watching you sitting in the middle of three other men as you all debated on whether or not you liked the Google bar

Cougar Abogado said...

What discussion could possibly be more meaningful?