Saturday, February 27, 2010

Getting the [Tax Man and FAFSA] Off Our Back

Okay, so our situation wasn't this bad (i.e., see the image at the left), and I don't want to make light of any serious POW suffering, but I swear, some rogue nations must use personal tax preparation as a means of torture and interrogation.

Forget water-boarding, W's got nothing on Uncle Sam.

I won't go into all the disturbing details (you can thank me later), but let's just say I can see why people pay accountants to do this stuff for them.

Here's the silver lining:  If you're as wealthy as we are, you may qualify for the Freedom version of TurboTax.  Just Google it and you'll find it pretty quickly.  (F-Word, I hope you enjoyed this obvious plug for my favorite enterprise.)

So as painful as the overall experience was, I can't complain too much since we had a tax genius on our side because we're wealthy enough to afford it.

"What about FAFSA?" you chirp.

Don't get me started.  FAFSA preparation should have been outlawed at the Geneva convention and I'm sure the UN human rights people will be condemning it soon enough.  In the mean time, stay as far away from this evil as is humanly possible.


CCF & JRF said...

Wow, when your in town the next time, maybe we should take you to Google! We even know people that work there you could praise on their work. Aside from all their great products, they actually also treat their employees really well. It is a great company over all.

We, well... I (because he I am sure could do it and actually enjoyed tax law, yuck) have to use the online tax software. The two times I didn't have my mother the finance person, our family friend the accountant specializing in taxes, or the software, I messed it up. Both times!


Christy said...

Yep, it was painful, but it's done! Yeah! Maybe taxes is a good reminder to keep our finances and life in order. But thanks goodness for the freedum version!

Cougar Abogado said...

Yes, you guys will indeed have to set up the connections for us!