Saturday, February 27, 2010

Phantom/Abb Tabs in Chrome: Too Cool for School

If you've ever read more than two of my posts, then chances are you've encountered some dribble of mine about how awesome Google is and Chrome in particular.

Well, time for some more.

For some time now, I've relished Chrome's excellent pinned tabs functionality.  However, about two weeks ago, this browsing gem suddenly disappeared.  (Remember, I'm on the developer branch of Chrome, so I'm "living on the edge.")   To make a long story much much shorter, pinned tabs were temporarily disabled to make room for PHANTOM TABS!

Phantom tabs are also known as app tabs.

So what in the world is a phantom/app tab?  Have a look.

In essence, a phantom tab pins certain applications ("Web pages") in place so that they're always there (in your browser, to the left).  You'll note that I have over eight pinned tabs.  Since some tabs can take up a lot of RAM, etc., and also because you just might not want to use them every second of every day, if you "close out" of the pinned tab, instead of going away completely, it will simply become a phantom tab.

What this all means is that your favorite app/Web page will be ready whenever you want, but it won't take up any system resources if you don't have it open.  So it's a lot like the Windows 7 taskbar (notice how some of the icons in my taskbar are in use and others are not).

Chrome OS starting to make a lot more sense now??

Don't forget I'm on the dev channel of Chrome, so you'll need to set that up if you want to experience phantom tabs before they're rolled out to the masses.

Anyway.  F-Word, if you know an attorney that works for Google, have him give me a call, I think it'd be a match forged in the fires of mount doom:  A match to rule all others!



CCF & JRF said...

We do know Google people actually. I don't think they worked on Chrome though. Our friend the Italian from Venice who moved here, Doctorate of Berkeley we met in our hiking group works there and I have more casually met more of the Google clan. Sounds like you should finish school there, pack up and move out here and work for them.

I do like Chrome, but still after seeing my cat looking out the front window (which isn't there any longer because they updated it) and wanting to see the building i am going to when we go new places, I love their maps so much. Street view is my favorite and I like to follow the pacific ocean south on satellite view. BUT I do like Chrome as well..


Christy said...

Yep, they are pretty cool. We'll have to get me set up with them soon.

Cougar Abogado said...

Yes, long may Google reign.