Saturday, May 29, 2010

Google Docs and the Internet - My New Home

Okay, it's truly begun.

I'm tired, very tired, of seeing this screen staring me in the face, when ever I try to work on an online Word Doc (or I should say, hoped to one day be able to work on):

Over the past few days (that's right, just this week), I've been really looking to Google Docs.

Up until now, Google Docs was cute and a fun idea, but it was, IMHO, about as useful to me as Open Office.  It was pretty much PowerWheels v. BMW.

However, Google Docs is getting to the point where it's seriously almost as good as the every-day features of Word (click here for latest feature updates) and the collaboration is amazing:  If you've ever used Google Wave (back in the day), the "real-time" editing is truly real time.  So if Person B is typing on the doc, Person A will see the changes as they happen.  Straight up.  You're talking to someone who used to live in MS Office.

Yes, the new improvements have even spurred me to finally start uploading most of my files to the cloud (Google Docs will automatically convert docs, spreadsheets, pdfs, and powerpoints and will store anything - to my knowledge) in anticipation of Web OSes such as Chrome OS.

For a better idea of what Google Docs does, watch the fun 2.5 min. video below (no I didn't make it).

Also, here's a very interesting, very quick read (about 5-9 sentences) from back in November (I remembered reading it):  Google says Docs to catch up to Office next year

Welcome to next year!!

Oh, and in case you're still wondering what this whole "Chrome OS" thing is (and the "cloud" for that matter), here's a welcome to, if not modern, upcoming computing:


Christy said...

This is really a fun video. I like how they are trying to keep their instructions much more simple.

CCF and JRF said...

OK, yeah if CCF should cook for a living somehow, you should somehow work for Google.

Cougar Abogado said...

Like I say, you guys maybe introduce me to the right people . . .