Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Committing Hara-Kiri to Get the High Score (Theme)

The other day, I saw this Downloadsquad post about web apps shaping up in Chrome.  Here's a screenshot I fancied:

Are those Mario pixels in the background!?
Ironically, since I was already familiar with web apps (e.g., the first three tabs and their corresponding, big icons on the right), what really caught my attention was the Gmail theme in the background.  Look familiar?  I felt convinced it must be a top-secret, Super Mario Bros. theme!

Thanks to an informant at the posting site, I found out it's actually a built-in theme called "High Score."

I was ecstatic to give it a spin.

I anticipated little Marios scurrying across the bottom, with an angry Bowser perched atop the Gmail logo.

Alas, I guess Google and Nintendo have yet to form an official relationship (no cool characters).

So, while I miss my many different ninja scenes, which change with the various Gmail locations (inbox, all mail, drafts, etc.), I'm excited to get back to my roots for a while.

What do you think:  "Ninjas"??

Note the high-skilled ninjas

Or "High Score"?

Note the Super Mario Bros. look
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