Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Jimmer Worship

Okay, so I've been out of Provo for a while and missed the whole Jimmer Fredette worship letter in the Daily Universe (BYU school newspaper), until tonight.

I first read this article from NBC, and then saw the following video there.

If you are LDS, I think you will love the intro.

With that said, I wonder how Michelle Peralta will feel some 15 years from now, when she'll be remembered (by all those familiar with the story, at least) as the woman who tried to end Jimmer worship.

Heck, the man has his own verb:  1. Jimmered.  The act of being smoked by the best player in the NCAA men's basketball. Jimmer Fredette.

Some parting thoughts from the NBC writer:
The first rule of college basketball is: You don’t rip The Jimmer. The second rule of college basketball is: You DO NOT rip The Jimmer. 
Next time Michelle, follow the rules. And remember, everything’s on the web. Everything.  [Especially when it's posted on Facebook.]


Fletch said...

the song in that video was OUTSTANDING.

Barely worthy of Jimmer.

Cougar Abogado said...


Christy said...

So do you think he will become t he next Steve Young?

Cougar Abogado said...

I'll leave the fortune telling to the F-Word.