Friday, February 18, 2011

Watson Wins -- Humans Lose: What's Next?

What is Toronto???
I'll spare you a rehash of the Watson saga.  If you want more background reading, check out his (er, its) Wikipedia page.

What I want to address is what HAL's, excuse me, Watson's, destroying Jeopardy!'s best means for society and, more acutely, the human race.

Let me just cut to the chase, F-word style:  Human existence on this planet has 25-50 years, tops.

First, we, or our children's generation, at the latest, will become transformed, cyber-genetic beings (like Jean Luke, here).

Soon after our cyber-genetic transformation, our computer partitions will overcome our biological flesh, turning us into straight computers -- and so humans, as we know them, will cease to exist.

Resistance is futile.
That or computers will pull a Skynet and completely destroy all human life.

I, for one, welcome our new computer overlords.

I love the red eyes.
HAL: Dave,
although you took very thorough precautions in the pod against my hearing you, I could see your lips move.
Dave Bowman: Alright, HAL. I'll go in through the emergency airlock.
HAL: Without your space helmet, Dave, you're going to find that rather difficult.
Dave Bowman: HAL, I won't argue with you anymore. Open the doors.
Goodbye, humans.
HAL: Dave, this conversation can serve no purpose anymore. Goodbye.

Why even try to resist?


Fletch said...

Yes, we are going to loose to AI, however Watson could not take Ken Jennings.


Cougar Abogado said...

I thought Watson just cleaned Ken's clock? Or did I miss something?

Christy said...

Well, sometimes I worry that computers will take over everything. Then I remember what a caller said on Dennis Prager. If a computer could think and do everything a human being can, would he be republicanor democrat? Interesting eh?