Friday, September 9, 2011

A Potpourri of Updates in Chrome OS 0.15.1011.0

Chrome OS dev 0.15.1011.0 landed, tonight, and I'd like to share a few observations:

File manager gets, well, a file cabinet icon (rather than the empty box logo)
The bookmark manager now has (or has had, and I'm just  finally noticing it) a link in the
Bookmarks section of the New Tab page
Extensions are now included in and redirected to the settings page, with a fun makeover, recently sighted by Dinu
Correction:  Wrench>Tools>Extensions navigates to the old page, rather than this one -- I assume this will change
Synced tabs and search engines are almost here!
(Well, technically, they are here, as flags)
Lazy Background Pages -- some extensions can be prevented from running until they are called upon -- cool
Update:  I tried this out and it seems to disable LastPass and possibly other extensions, too:
you might want to wait for this one
What else have you guys noticed?  Thoughts/comments?  Again, I also want someone to tell me what happened to multiple profiles, as a flag . . .

OH, I almost forgot to mention the boot up screen now has a Chrome-y animation and white background.  Okay(?).

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Christy said...

Careful, these experiements may bite. That's pretty funny.