Thursday, September 1, 2011

Print Preview Lands in Chrome OS (Sort Of)

You may recall how, a few weeks ago, I lamented Chrome OS's lack of print preview.  Print preview fans, strap on your seat belts because print preview has landed in Chrome OS . . . as a flag.  In case this term sounds new, go to about:flags or chrome://flags, to see the myriad EXPERIMENTAL features for chrome/chrome os there.  Frankly, I strongly suggest you avoid enabling a flag unless you're determined to have it (as I am with click-to-play and print preview).  With that caveat, behold the screenshots:

Is the add/remove URL headers/footers new to print preview, or just new to me?
Who knew my Real Estate Transactions notes could look so good?
Ah, spreadsheet print preview!
So, there you have it.  In my very brief tests, I ran into only one page that failed to load a preview correctly, and I was able to do a refresh, and it worked fine.  While I'm sure there will be plenty of hiccups, here and there, you may want to give the print preview flag some love, especially if you love print preview like I do.

By the way, the whole reason I blundered upon this flag, in the first place, was because I was searching for a multiple profiles trigger.  Renji, or anyone else, how can I set up multiple profiles on Chrome OS, inside one account, like I can on a dev/canary Windows build of Chrome?

Thanks for reading, and happy previewing!

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