Sunday, March 14, 2010

Busken Bakery

A couple in our ward (church congregation) here in Cincinnati heads up a bakery and it's charmant!  (Pardon my using French . . .  You can blame JK Rowling and Jim Dale.)

The food is delicious, the marketing is fresh, and of course, my wife fawns over its delicious corollary, Yagööt (which we pronounce, ya-goo).

Here are some good times with our daughter decked out and meaning business:

I guess we'll have to get some pictures of my wife devouring Yagööt.


CCF & JRF said...

Looks like a fun outing. I'm a little too fond of baked good and my mid section shows it. Looked like some great stuff. We notice not a lot of mom pictures. You will have to snatch the camera every so often and get some in there. I know, I know she probably likes being behind the camera. I dont' have any training like she does, but you will note CCF is is more pictures than I am for a similar reason...

I also cant seem to remember which city you live in. I told a friend of mine who moved to Columbus about 3 maybe years ago from Colorado, that first you were in Cincinnati, then I said, wait I think it is Cleveland, now I see I was right the first time. What is with all the "c" named cities. Probably a little different culturally, Columbus in the middle and largest city in the state I think i read, Cincinnati I read largest Metro area and probably a little more southern seeming with Kentucky right there...Cleveland is up at the top near Canada and probably has some serious Mid West northern stuff going on. I think I will get it straight now!


Cougar Abogado said...

I'll see what I can do on the camera scene, though I can't guarantee anything!

Cincinnati's a close second in metro area size to Cleveland. I can't speak to Columbus or Cleveland too much (I've really only driven through Columbus for the most part), but Cincinnati mainly has a kind of old Princeton feel. Sort of like the setting in A Beautiful Mind.

I trust you'll get it right. :)

Christy said...

We need to go there again. Mr. & Mrs. Busken are such a nice couple.