Friday, March 19, 2010

Rise and Shout! Here's to the Cougars

As usual, I'll be the first to admit (and the F-Word will quickly confirm) that I'm a 100% fair weather fan when it comes to basketball and a 115% fair weather fan when it come to my alma matter's basketball team.

You see, they haven't (or rather, hadn't) broken out of the first round of the NCAA tournament since '92-'93.  In other words, it's almost been two decades since they pulled off the "feat" and my brothers will tell you I was probably still wearing pull-ups at the time.

Yes, I know, there are some of you out there whose program has gone without a significant victory for your entire lifetime and yet you remain as die hard as ever.

Good on you.

Oh, and yes, BYU did virtually give me a heart attack when they nearly choked again, for like the 80th time.  But I give them sane property for pulling it out in double OT.  And from the memory I have of the refresh-every-three-seconds play-by-play, Fredette and Loyd tore it up in the final period.  So here here.

Will BYU's success continue for the near future?

My former Contracts professor has them down for the Elite Eight, my CrimLaw professor thinks (or maybe LV thinks?) they have a 1/10 shot of making it to the Final Four.  It seems like the F-Word told me some sports guy in Denver says they're  Final Four material as well.

I'll probably collapse (out of shock) if they escape the second round.

If they don't, I'll gently remind myself that I didn't care that much to begin with . . .

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Christy said...

If we were in Utah still, we could be drowning our sorrows in a malt at the Malt Shop because of their loss last night.