Friday, March 26, 2010

Don't Tase Me, Bro! What do Andrew Meyer and the CA have in common?

That's right, faithful CA readers, the famed YouTube actor, err, victim of police brutality and I are very close.  Or at least we're only two years apart.  You guessed it (or maybe you're scratching your heading wondering what I'm on about), don't tase me, bro! and I share the same birthday!'t_tase_me_bro#Student

And I thought the only "cool" person alive born on my birthday was Prince Harry (besides yours truly, of course).

Out of curiosity, what "cool" people share your birthday?
Yes, Pam, I'll give you sane property that you and HJP were both born as the seventh month dies; I'm quite jealous!


CCF and JRF said...

I come up empty. Well for my definition of "cool" anyway. Only one i know and think is i guess a little cool other than me is Beverly D'Angelo (you know, the mom form the National Lampoon vacation movies and other movies I guess)

Here is my list through the year I was born. Maybe you know any of these people? Since many are sports people I wouldn't know...

1972 – Jonny Lee Miller, English actor
1973 – Jesse Merz, American actor
1973 – Sydney Tamiia Poitier, American actress
1974 – Chad Kroeger, Canadian singer (Nickelback)
1975 – Scott Henshall, British fashion designer
1975 – Yannick Tremblay, Canadian ice hockey player
1976 – Brandon DiCamillo, American comedian
1976 – Virginie Ledoyen, French actress
1977 – Sean Murray, American actor
1977 – Peter Phillips, grandson of Queen Elizabeth II
1977 – Logan Whitehurst, American musician (d. 2006)
1979 – Josemi, Spanish footballer
1979 – Brett Lancaster, Australian cyclist
1980 – Ace Young, American singer
1981 – Lorena Ochoa, Mexican golfer
1981 – Drew Hodgdon, American football player
1981 – Jordan Buckley, American heavy metal guitarist, Every Time I Die
1982 – D. J. Fitzpatrick, American Football League kicker
1982 – Joe Kowalewski, American football player
1982 – Lofa Tatupu, National Football League player
1983 – DJ Skee, American DJ/personality
1983 – Laura Smet, French actress
1983 – Fernando Verdasco, Spanish tennis player
1986 – Sania Mirza, Indian tennis player
1987 – Isaiah Osbourne, English footballer
1988 – Zena Grey, American actress
1990 – Kanata Hongō, Japanese actor
1991 – Shailene Woodley, American actress
1993 – Saaya Irie, Japanese actress, singer

Cougar Abogado said...

Sorry, chief, no dice (I don't recognize any).

Lofa Tatupu sounds cool, though.