Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Graduate(s)

Although I don't have blond hair and even though I graduated from BYU almost five months ago, the figure at the right still presents an accurate portrayal of my emotions.

On Thursday we took a bunch of pictures (shown below), went to my, "Yes, I'm Awesome" University Honors Luncheon (also shown below), and then headed over to commencement (you guessed it; shown below).

Not wanting to stand out in the hot sun, I stayed with my mother- and father-in-law, my wife, and our daughter until my hour was at hand to walk the walk. Admittedly, as I meandered over to meet up with my fellow graduates, I noticed the faculty processional had already begun and got a little nervous about being late (although I don't know why, seeing as there were over 6,000 other graduates).

The ceremony was fantastic and I loved the talks given by Elder Nelson and President Uchtdorf.

Getting out of the parking lot wasn't too grievous as we strategically positioned the Matrix (the car, STMad, not the movie) right near an exit. So our quick escape to the Bombay House was rather painless. Muahahahaha!

As any of my immediate family will know, the BH was and does put the bomb in Bombay (). Unfortunately, however, Bollywood had it's revenge on me the next morning . . .

On Friday, we busted out some more pictures at the Maeser (Honors) building and then headed over to convocation at the Marriott Center (again, pictures below).

Dr. Albrecht, a Fraud Expert, gave some cool pointers and then we sat through 700-something names. Yes, it was eternal. I felt like the man shown at your left.

To add a little spice to the monotony, I appended the 8th to my name (for the reading) with no one more than my mother and sister-in-laws noticing . . . I guess everyone else was asleep (my wife was taking my picture and my daughter was asleep).

We returned home to a fabulous dinner of my wife's patented spaghetti and meatballs; don't end graduation without it!

Good news! This morning, when we went to return my robes, I found out I had actually purchased them. Who knew? I felt so almost . . . bullet proof cool.

(The "(s)" in the title is because our daughter graduated from the womb, in case you were wondering.)

Anyway, enjoy the montage. If you don't want to see all 700-odd pictures, I would recommend clicking in the corner and going straight to the Web album.


Steph said...

Congrats on your graduations! (You and Maria.) Sounds like it was a great time!

Pam said...

Hey Daniel....thanks so much for posting the pictures!! It was so busy down there that I didn't really get to see them all. I was going to ask if you could send them along. So this is great! Fun times!!!!!