Sunday, April 5, 2009

In Case You Haven't Figured it Out Yet:

At the behest of his Kness and due to the tireless pleadings of one Scott "Smiele" Miele, I've decided to come clean.

Don't worry, I'm not confessing here to anything more grievous than being associated with jovial company. The Internet knows all of my darkest and most clandestine secrets will never show up on a blog post, email, or even a word doc . . .

The whole Harvard thing was an April Fool's day gag you didn't pick up on (that is, if this is coming as a surprise to you). You probably never looked at the Official Acceptance letter I posted, but that would have taken an extra three seconds of your time, so I can certainly understand! :)

I do thank those of you kind enough to believe the best of me.
Wouldn't the world be a better place if we all treated each other with the same awe, respect, and borderline-reverence we give the, "Top 5% of all [Academic] aviators, the elite, best of the best"?

No, I'm not planning on retaking the LSAT (for a third time) to improve my chances of instasuccess after law school.

But I do still plan to topple Google once I've made more than Bill Gates, Brad Pitt, and A-Rod combined.

I don't need Harvard to ensure my net worth's greater than 40 developing countries: just ask his Kness's favorite executive, Steve Jobs. Can you name where he did or did not get his advanced degree?

Yes, when I buy-out Google and own the world's collective information, there will be few daring enough to mention my unfortunate bid for Harvard glory . . . My empire will be complete, absolute, but most certainly not evil. :)

Keep believing.

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