Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I know, I know, I should just tough it out, take it like a man, grit [my] teeth and bear it, and or just bite down on a stick.

However, let me be the first to tell you that having nurses open up the door to your not so large hospital room every few hours and sleeping on a "pull-out" chair is not exactly a Ritz-Carlton experience.

I know many people have gone through much worse. Dare I say it (gasp), even the readers of this blog?

All I'm trying to say is that after four nights of sleeping on a chair in a hospital room, it's good to be home!


Fletch said...

You are a madman. I slept there one night and never stayed again. Julie insisted on it, and I didn't complain. Get some sleep.

Cougar Abogado said...

I did, last night!

Steph said...

Yay home! You're going to be losing so much sleep over the next few months, better get it now! I plan to make Jon stay at home when I'm in the hospital... except for the actual birth part. HAHA. Congrats again on baby Maria!