Saturday, May 16, 2009

Have We Seen the End of the OS?

Since I'm on such a blogging role, I figured I couldn't stop with the Thuggets.

Why this post title?

Yesterday at the office, we lost our connection to the internet and were consequently incapacitated for like 20-40 minutes . . .

Literally, I don't know about you, but I don't really do hardly anything using desktop programs anymore. It's all about the Web.

If Microsoft's going to stay relevant, it will have to catch up to big G and the other early adapters who are making waves in the online platform.

Xerox had its chance to position itself as the first computer maker with a GUI and handed it over to Steve Jobs.

IBM owned the box, the chip, and the OS, and divested itself of everything but the box . . .

Need I mention Netscape, AOL, or the Seattle Supersonics?

Yes, I do think we're seeing the fall of the MS empire and the rise of a Big Brother who's motto is "Don't be evil." Will big G have more fun in the sun than its behemoth predecessor? Only time will tell.

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