Sunday, May 3, 2009

To the Nuggets

I'll be the first person to tell you, in a New York minute, "I'm a fair-weather fan."

I'll be the first bloke to confess, "I probably don't know the names of more than four guys on my home-town roster."

I'll be the first realist to say (for those of you who know me, I mean this in the sense of anymore), when my beloved home team loses, "that's life."

I'll be the first pessimist to point out, "You do realize the Denver basketball Nuggets haven't won a playoff series since, like, 15 years ago?"

But, I'll also be among the first to say, now that they've finally done it again, "Well done."

May I have the opportunity to say the same thing after three more victories this round.

1 comment:

Fletch said...

I'm proud of you. The man-card is restored. (for the moment)