Sunday, June 14, 2009

Here's to the Penguins

As I've said it before in another place, I certainly respect the Detroit Red Wings, but to say that I like them, or would ever want them to win would be a sin next to the unpardonable variety.

So, when everyone in the world just took for granted that the former communists (I don't think they have a single Russian anymore, actually) would simply steam roll the Penguins (again), I could think of nothing better than a little Penguin triumph.

Here are some facts I pulled fro ESPN regarding the upset:

• The Penguins are the first team to win a road Game 7 in the MLB/NBA/NHL since the 1979 Pittsburgh Pirates. They ended an 18-game losing streak by road teams in Game 7.

• Friday was the first Stanley Cup final rematch to go to a Game 7 and have the team that lost the previous year win.

• It was the fourth time in sports history that a city has won the Stanley Cup after winning the NFL title (Detroit in 1953-54, Detroit in 1935-36, Chicago in 1933-34).

Here's a link to the recap if you're interested.

Again, here's to the Penguins!!

(Now let's just hope the Avs can turn things around quicker then the Pens did so I don't have to wait another nine years to do a similar celebration dance)

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Pam said...

I feel your pain, Daniel! Here in Seattle the Mariners stink, the Seahawks stink, our basketball team stunk (but they got sold off anyway). The only bright spot is that the UW Women's Softball team took first place in the national playoffs.'s something to hold on to! Hang in there, BW