Friday, June 12, 2009

The Sick Truth Revealed

That's right folks, while Sean, Rush, and all of the other conservative/liberal "pundits" were droning on about meaningless fluff and drivel, I uncovered the inconvenient truth of why Chrome does not have "find as you type."

You heard it here first!

Some "big shot" named Peter Kasting is behind it all.
It's off-by-default in Firefox and not widely known, which automatically makes it a candidate to not include in Chrome (since in general we try to avoid options and "just do the right thing"). We wouldn't want it on by default for the same reason Firefox doesn't have it on by default: it can seriously confuse users and it breaks some websites (ones with JS key handlers). So the only option would be to also stick it in Chrome as an off-by-default option, and the use case of "I'd like to save a keystroke before finding" hasn't seemed compelling enough to do so.

I echo the feelings of one reader who said, "This reasoning actually borders on disgusting." Amen.

For all of my fellow closet geeks out there, here's the link for your reading enjoyment.

(Yes, I'm very aware there may not be any, at least on this super-famous blog . . .)

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