Sunday, June 21, 2009

Payment by LASER

How often do you hear the word, "Laser"? Probably not too often.

How often do you hear the word Laser used by a client or customer who's about to pay for something?

Again, probably not too often.

However, just this Friday I had a client from Ireland ask if payment could be made by "Laser."

My jaw dropped, I thought this was a borderline death threat.

I half expected Han Solo to jump out behind the corner of my office, brandishing a "good blaster at [his] side" and ready to blast me into pieces.

See for yourself:

I can pay by Visa Credit Card or Laser, if that will expedite matters.

Turns out that in addition to being a highly destructive and concentrated form of light, Laser is also an Irish debit card!

Who knew.

I thought I was talking with Dr. Evil for sure.

1 comment:

Fletch said...

Facinating. I wish we had Lasers in the US. I'd give up cash and whip mine out everywhere.