Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sunday's Spiritual Message: What If the Temple Were Never Open?

On Saturday, while my wife stayed home with our daughter, I took my turn to head to Provo in order to worship at the temple.

As I pulled up, I had the distinct impression that attendance was a little down for the day . . . Then I saw it, an obvious sign that read Provo Temple Closed.

It was a minor discomfort, but as I parked the car back at our apartment, I had a thought come across my mind:

What if the temple were never open again? Or what if the temple had never been open in the first place?

If the latter were true, my wife and I could not have been married for "time and all eternity" (or forever). If the latter were true, our daughter would not be ours forever.

I know I've talked about it a lot, but the thought was quite poignant on Saturday, when I considered what it might be like if I couldn't be with my wife and family forever.

I'm so grateful that our Heavenly Father has restored His holy temples to the earth in our day, enabling us to be sealed (or joined) to our families beyond the grave.

I testify that Jesus Christ has established His Church again, with all the power to "bind on earth" and to "bind in heaven."

How grateful I am that I, and any who desire it, can be joined eternally to our loved ones forever, regardless of death.

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Christy said...

That's a very sweet message. I am so glad that we get to be together forever!