Friday, July 3, 2009

Switching BACK (to Firefox)

Yes, this may come as quite a shock to some of you.

For many moons I've flown the flag of Chrome high and proud.

So what prompted the switch back? I mean, after all, as the F-Word often hints, aren't I just a Google employee/blind sheep?

Well, I am a huge fan of keyboard shortcuts (which is probably a massive understatement) and navigating things in Chrome requires a lot of extra pinkie work and my wrist was just feeling too inflamed to go on with Chrome.

The image at the left is an adequate portrayal of how my wrist/hand/pinkie still feel thanks to Chrome's lack of Find As You Type (FAYT).

In essence, the major reason I switched to Chrome was for the far superior speed it rendered.

However, today at work I had just had enough and felt like my pinkie would fall/break off if I didn't switch back.

Yet, to my great surprise and delight, when I opened up Firefox again and decided to check for updates, I found that the new Firefox 3.5 update was out for download.

Man alive, it is really up to twice as fast as Firefox 3 and just as fast as Chrome in SalesForce (where I live, breathe, and spend all day at work).

Thus, the three major issues I missed in my good ole Firefox are no longer issues:

1. No AdBlock (this is huge, because AdSweep works, but it loads the ads in the background . . . this means slower page loads, sometimes slower than FF 3).
2. No FAYT (I think I've demonstrated why this is important to me).
3. No email template support in SalesForce.
4. No easy image resizing (since I play around in Blogger/Gmail quite a bit, this was a huge inconvenience).

I feel like a new man again!!! HOW I'VE MISSED MY AdBlock and FAYT!!!

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