Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cr-48 WPA2-Enterprise Issues Fixed in 0.12.362.2!

Good news, school/work enterprise network users!  Thanks to Jay Lee's blog post update, I learned, today, that the ability to connect to a WPA2-Enterprise network is now inherent in Chrome OS's network connection GUI, as of dev 0.12.362.2.

Just make sure you're in range of your wireless network and that it uses a visible SSID (as opposed to a hidden SSID).

Also, I think you need to select "Do not check" for the Server CA Certificate (as shown below).  Although, I suppose it may vary.

Finally!!  And there was much rejoicing.
Yes, now you'll be able to connect to your fortress of a wireless network, absent delving into the bowels of your Cr-48, regularly bashing a script, or setting up an auto-run script.

To be candid, while I'm elated this functionality is (finally) here, I also feel like I'm parting ways with an old frenemy, like Batman saying "good bye" to the Joker or Mr. Freeze.  Okay, maybe just the Joker.

Please let me know what issues/questions/parties you have, in the comments.  As is generally the case, I suggest using the settings/ID/password that are unique to your situation.



Anonymous said...

Can't seem to get this to work on the University of Utah's network. Maybe it has a hidden SSID. Any success with UConnect anyone?

Christy said...

i'm happier each day that I can connect to the internet wherever more and more. Especially when I'm waiting for someone :)

GFS said...

Our Enterprise network has a hidden SSID, any suggestions on how to approach getting that to work on a CR48?

Matt said...

Our Enterprise network has a hidden SSID, any suggestions on how to get the CR48 working with that?

Cougar Abogado said...

GFS and Matt, what happens when you go to Network settings>Other Wi-Fi network and type in the name of the hidden ssid there?

If that fails to work, you might try searching for "hidden enterprise" or "hidden ssid" in, searching either in "Open issues" or "All issues."

I sorry I failed to have a specific, verified workaround for you.