Friday, April 22, 2011

New Google Navbar (Finally) Switching to Email Address Instead of User Names?

UPDATE:  I think I figured out what's really going on, this morning.  I believe Google uses first/last name by default, unless I open up another Google account, in which case subsequent services will show the email address, rather than the first/last name.  What's your preference?  I suppose Google wanted to shorten the ID space, since I imagine most first/last names are shorter than  I'm now undecided.

"And Cougar Abogado came unto Google, and said, How long halt ye between two opinions? if the navbar be my name, put it: but if my email address, then put it. And Google answered him not a word."

Peradventure Google sleepeth, and must be awaked.
I've been wondering for the past few days whether Google is (hopefully) switching its navbar name plaque from the user's chosen first/last names to the user's email address (as seen, above).  When I poked around, just now, every Google service, other than Picasa, showed my names, instead of my email address . . .

Who cares?  Well, some people have multiple user accounts and yet, here's a shocker, they still maintain the same first/last name!  Allow me to illustrate:  Let's say my first and last names are, respectively, Cougar Abogado and my email address #1 is and my email address #2 is

If I'm using multiple profiles, I might accidentally take some action in thedude account, thinking it's the imanawesomecooldude account.  Catch my drift?

I hope this issue can be resolved soon, so we can avoid slaying anyone, down by the river.

(I wonder who actually owns those email addresses -- I assume someone, perhaps a bot, does.)

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