Thursday, April 28, 2011

Great Chrome App for Toddlers: Alphabet Tutor

My daughter seems to love playing on the computer (especially assaulting my keyboard), so I've recently been checking in on the Chrome Web App store, every so often, to check for games/apps I think she'll enjoy.

Today, I found one I want to rave about:  Alphabet Tutor.

Your kids will love practicing their number/letters with Alphabet Tutor!

Here's Alphabet Tutor's description from its creator:
Alphabet Tutor features two modes to help children (ages 2+) learn to recognize the letters by name.
Freestyle mode says the name of each letter pressed aloud and displays it on the screen.
Quiz mode asks the child to locate a specific letter on the keyboard and press it. Hints can be enabled to show the letter on the screen after two incorrect answers.
You can choose between displaying uppercase and lowercase letters and enable numbers depending on the level your child is prepared for.
Tested and approved by my 2 year old daughter.
I strongly recommend you try this out with your toddler -- I think you'll be very impressed.  I also recommend you sit at the computer with your toddler.  I think you'll really enjoy the experience.

P.S.  If you have yet to install Google Chrome, repent, install it, and then install this app.

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Christy said...

This has been a amazing way for Maria to learn! Thanks for taking out the time to teach her!