Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Google Docs Releases Pagination and Native Printing

Here is a rare occurrence:  I'm going to tell you about a feature update to a Google product.

Google Docs has, today, added pagination view (being able to write a document and see the words typed as though on a sheet of paper) and native print (the ability to directly print a document created online, rather than first making a pdf).

Hurray for paginated view!
To choose paginated view or compact view (removing the extra space -- headers, footers, page break), go to View>Document View, as shown below.

I'd been wondering when this feature would roll out.  Looking at the first comment on Alex Chitu's post about this release, it looks like Google may have some more tricks up its sleeve, coming soon.  (Automatic page numbers, please!)

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Christy said...

This has been one of my favorite features in a long time!