Friday, April 22, 2011

Google Calendar Adds Dynamic Date Favicon: It Knows What Day It Is

Here's an update I've been expecting to see for some time.  Google Calendar's favicon (or browser tab icon) will now show what the day's date is.  Observe:

From Alex Chitu's Google Operating System
According to Alex Chitu, "Google Calendar is the first Google service that has a dynamic favicon," meaning it responds to data/changes.

As the Google Calendar Blog notes, "Today's date is now always a short glance away."  This is frankly the main reason I am writing this post.

I occasionally forget what the date it is and want to see it at a quick glance.  I normally have a time keeping device visible (we filthy Americans are such time gluttons, especially compared to Germany, IMO).  On Windows 7, I minimize my taskbar and have an extension, Cool Clock, displayed in Chrome; on Chrome OS, I use the built-in time piece at the top right.

Cool Clock in Windows 7
On the other hand, I rarely have the day's date in front of me because I rarely care about the date.  So, normally, I would have to take an extra two-five seconds to actually click (gasp, I know!) on something to bring up the date.  Now, since I generally have my Google Calendar up, in a pinned tab (as in the first image), I can have quick-access-to-today's-date goodness.

Chrome OS Clock
Ah, the marvels of technology.

Now, if I could only get a device to zap me, every time I read another mindless article, whose general content I could have absorbed, simply from reading the title.  Well, on second thought . . .

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