Friday, August 5, 2011

Print Preview Missing from Chrome OS???

This morning, I'm discouraged and rather hacked off to discuss something I finally realized, to my embarrassment as a proud Cr-48 owner, just yesterday:  Print Preview and its beloved print to pdf functionality are missing, ausento -- no where to be found in Chrome OS . . .

If it's ballyhooed in Chrome 13 stable, where in the world is Print Preview in Chrome OS?
At first, I assumed I was simply overlooking the Print Preview action button, somewhere.  Alas, after doing some research in the Chrome OS bug reports, I'm convinced the functionality is glaringly absent:

On the other hand, from the looks of the same report, there are, thankfully, a number of people requesting (expecting?) this feature.

Another thing I'm confused about is the priority the Chorme OS team (as noted in the bug report, above) has given Print Preview:  "2 - Normal.  Desired for, but does not block, the specified milestone [14] release."  I'm perplexed that the Chrome team proudly declared Print Preview with print to pdf "finally" available in Chrome 13, yet it might miss Chrome OS 14 . . .  The Chrome team declared over 900 "users [from] around the world" (I'm glad this is an international concern) indicated, with stars, their interest in print preview for Chrome.  Maybe Chrome OS will start to get similar numbers, unless this functionality is added soon.

I'm really disappointed.  I definitely enjoy Print Preview and I love print to pdf.  Is this omission a department disconnect or something else?  If the functionality is baked into Chrome, itself, as a trumpeted and much awaited feature, why is it truant from its namesake OS!

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