Wednesday, August 24, 2011

(Formerly Caps Lock) Search Key on Chromebooks Can Also be Keyboard Shortcut List Trigger?

Okay, this title might look like a lot to take in, so let me set the mood for you:

I'm cozying up, down here in the law school basement, which I just (finally) found out about (in my third year of law school), thanks to a friend of mine, and getting ready to read for Real Estate Transactions.  Yes, please, hold in your excitement.

While I'm looking at the syllabus for the class, I'm surprised to see something -- when I accidentally tap the disabled (for me) new tab/search key (formerly caps lock), the keyboard shortcut list for the docs viewer pops up.  Za? That's right, CA readers, the disabled new tab/search key can also act as a one-key shortcut to pull up at least some Google services' keyboard shortcut list.


Who knew a disabled key could accomplish so much?
As I'm feeling the crunch to actually do the readings I set out to do, here in this dank room, filled with centuries old law books, I've tested this theory only in the Docs viewer, the Docs home page, and Google Reader.  The list showed up in the first two and defied me in Google Reader.

So, maybe this is just a Google Docs trick.  Why, just the one, though?  Why any, for that matter?

Anyway, which other Google services can you get this earth-shattering and delightful new trick to work for?  Please let me know.  Happy (hopefully non-law school) reading, to you.

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