Monday, August 22, 2011

Chrome OS Battery Status Notification Gets a Fun Face-lift

This one's for all you (fellow) hardcore Chrome OS/chromebook lovers.  If you've been involved with Chrome OS's development, over the months, I imagine you will have noticed how far the UI has come.  A recent change I noticed in the 0.15 (dev) build -- released Friday -- is when I click on the battery icon, I now see a big and nifty green battery, giving me a more visual display of what battery percentage I have left.


I love that bolt of lightning graphic

And we all want to be more green, right?
While maybe I'm less excited about this than, say, if my Cr-48's performance were to have jumped 50%, I do view this tweak, at a minimum, as some evidence that corroborates Google's claim that a chromebook is, indeed, a computer that gets better over time (where I definitely feel the reverse about my Windows machines).

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