Friday, August 5, 2011

Google Dictionary Has Gone the Way of All the Earth (It's Dead)

Update:  Thanks to reader John Hauxwell for reminding me that the Google Dictionary extension still works.  For me personally, I rarely use the click-on-the-book option because I'm huge on keyboard shortcuts and really prefer the full page view, over the extension bubble.  I do love the ctrl+click-on-a-word definition combination.

Boy, I'm an unhappy camper, today.  First, I lamented Print Preview's absence from Chrome OS, and now I mourn the loss of a dear friend:  Google Dictionary.

To die: to sleep; No more.
Whyyyyyyyyyy!!!!????!!!  I suppose Google wants to unify everything and make sure people use for all their searching needs.  Maybe Google's just trying to humble me to the dust, today.
But I got there ahead of you, little Google—I reached a work-around [below] before you could completely alienate me, I understood the truth before you caught up, I fixed the problem with a work-around three hours ago, and the myth, the legend, the Google Dictionary is [still] truly mine!
I hope you Hairless fans out there appreciate that one.  Yes, I believe I have, in fact, found a work-around:

Did Google think I would be scared to violate Google Dictionary's marble tomb?
It's all thanks to a custom search engine I made:,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.&fp=fdbe5bcf5e3c173e&biw=1600&bih=837  I'm unsure if it will work for everyone.  On the other hand, it's worked for me, every time, today, on a number of different searches.  Let me know if you want help setting it up.

Yes, like Dumbledore, though Google Dictionary's body decays in the white marble tomb in the grounds of Google castle, its power and functionality live on through alternate means.

Rest in peace, Google Dictionary


John Hauxwell said...

Google Dictionary Extension fo Chrome still works!

Christy said...

I like the Harry Potter theme. I think that the HP movie has influenced you from last night.