Friday, March 6, 2009

Attack of the Keiths

Yes, this one goes out to my man, the Kspens, otherwise known as His Kness.

I must give him full, universal, and unabashed acclaim for having voted Attack of the Clones as the favorite SW movie of this site's percolating visitors.

Many of you out there may be wondering aloud,"But how could Kspens have done it? After all, he's only one man!"

Well, that's exactly what His Kness would want you to believe. However, he has his mysterious (and evil, I might add) and cunning Sith ways.

I'll just say this, the rogue Jedi Knight who swept Episode II to an undeserved and unmistakeably blasphemous victory is either a cookie monster or he knows how to visit the C.A. from more than one browser/IP address . . .

1 comment:

Steph said...

EWW! I was wondering about that. HAHA I was like, there is NO WAY that many people truly love that movie the most. Terrible... EWOKS RULE!