Friday, March 27, 2009

Last Sunday's (3/22) Spiritual Message: More of the Temple

I know I've talked about the temple a lot, but my wife and I had a special experience last Saturday and I thought I'd tell you about it.

We were exactly three weeks from Maria's due date, so we figured we might want to attend the temple sooner than later, for obvious reasons.

We had the chance to help perform the sealing ordinance for a number of families who have since passed on. In other other words, we helped to make it possible so that these people could literally be together forever.

The second sealer (or a man who holds the authority to "seal" or unite families beyond the grave, as given him by the President of the Church or one of the Twelve Apostles) who relieved the first sealer was actually a former member of the temple presidency, President Lambert.

Why is this substantial? Because, among other things, when I first started to work (volunteer, really) at the Provo Temple, the man who set me apart (or who gave me the authority to work in the temple) was President Lambert.

He told me, among other things which are near and dear to my heart, that I would meet my wife, while I was working at the temple . . . I met my wife less than two weeks later!

So, it was a pretty special experience to have him be there and to perform the ordinances as we helped others receive the same blessing we have received: that of the potential for an eternal marriage, as provided through the sacred sealing ordinance. (Assuming we live worthy of it.)


Christy said...

Yeah, President Lambert set me apart too when I worked at the temple, so it was special to see him again right before Maria comes.

Steph said...

That's really awesome! What a very cool experience :) My father-in-law has said that he believes the coolest calling to have in the church would be that of a sealer. And how exciting that Maria is coming in less than 2 weeks!! yay!

Joe the Plumber said...

That is pretty neat.

I am glad Christy didn't pass out in the sealing room. Chrissie always gets dizzy while pregnant in the sealing room and passed out before so we never do sealings when she is that far into pregnancy. ;)

This is Sevak by the way, even though it might say "Joe the Plumber" :)